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  • 6 pack elegant scented aromatherapy candles

  • In beautiful minimalist classy amber jars

  • Comes in a vintage gift box

  • Doesn't take up space and can be sealed and be brought with you wherever you go!

  • Scents are: Mimurhyl, Fresh Rose, Cedar Teakwood, Sweet Grapefruit, Rose &  Garnetberry, and Fig and are not overwhelming or over powering!

  • Long lasting 20 - 25 hours per candle. (6 candles totally 120 to 150 hours).​

  • Made of Soy which is not only is healthier and clean burning but also lasts up to 20% longer than general candles. 

  • Made from premium soy wax and 8% premium oils without bad ingredients and equipped with the cotton wick minimize soot and irregular lump

  • Great for: indoors, outdoors, home, office,  bathrooms, gifts, holidays, and creating that perfect ambience!

  • Size 2.4"W x 2.5"H

  • Weight 21 Ounces

  • Individual candle size: 3.5 oz (L 2.4 inches x H 2.5 inches)​



Amazing Connection Instructions

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  • Apple Music


A subsidiary of Momma Music and a Ryan McLean Composer company

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